Reflexiones sobre “La historia de las cosas”


Las fases de la cadena de producción son: extracción, producción, distribución, consumo y disposición.

El principal problema es el poco valor que se le da a las personas dentro de la cadena de producción, otras también son la excesiva contaminación  y el retraso de destrucción de la basura.

Este sistema se ve como superior a la gente que gasta que a la que no gasta, ya que tienen más cosas o poseen más bienes.

Los que tienen dinero aprovechan los recursos porque los que no los poseen no pueden hacerlo.


    Girls at the back. Institut Montpedrós

    To sum up the activity, we can say that humans have lot of primary needs. We can see different types ways of living where those people (poor people) have other priority needs than rich people . For example, rich people can get easier/ faster food, clothes than poor people, as they live in worse conditions.

      Cuidemos de nuestro Planeta con una economía circular.


      Mural 2 siii

       Club del Pensamiento Positivo  

      El objetivo es generar un crecimiento inteligente, sostenible e integrador; que se aproveche los recursos de manera responsable y sostenible: reduciendo, reciclando y reutilizando todo aquello que se desecha y darle una segunda vida. La economía circular integra los aspectos ambientales, económicos y sociales; por lo que nos corresponde a todos cambiar de actitudes y de hábitos en bien propio y de la humanidad. En ello, tenemos mucho que hacer, desde la educación en los colegios y en nuestros hogares. 

      Video: Cuidemos el medio ambiente



        Our planet needs help.


        We are destroying the world, we are near to its total destruction. We have to find new ways to use the natural resources that earth provides us. We should start using renewable energies and stop using the ones that pollute our air. We are melting the poles, burning our forests, polluting our air and getting our water dirty.

        It’s time to change!! 

          Phase 1 : life care ?


          Hi everyone !!

          We are Ariadna , Alba , Laura and Carlota.

          On this phase ( phase 1)  we wanted to do something special and artistic involving the concern of the whole school .

          What we have made is a draw about the main issues that we think our society has . Right on the middle we have drawn a person who is claiming for respect but it’s crying and has the mouth shut due the fact that  he can not help the others .

          We thought about a sentence in order to claim solidarity which is “the change starts on you”

          The draw is based on the topics that we had been working such us : inequality , social and economic differences , people’s need , the impact of wars in society , the pollution and others.

          Hope you like it because we wanted to show why we can not have life care , so we should start taking care of our actions .

          SAVE THE WORLD!!!

          We think that while economic growth is very important, it’s not a synonym for prosperity or wealth, although it is one of the signs that tell you your country is going well, it is not the only one and prosperity and wealth come when you work hard enough. If those objectives (a job, food, a House,etc) were accomplished, and everyone had those things, we would be very affected, both in bad and un good ways, we would end poverty and hunger, but there wouldn’t be  enough houses to hold that many people.

          If you only consider the economic growth, you wouldn’t be taking into account poverty and other things that are also very important, some of them might be even more important than economic growth.


          • Unemployment
          •  Wage gap
          • Hunger
          • Crime rate


          Name of the group: A.A.P.

            Phase 1. Institut Montpedrós. MMJCCA

            Institut Montpedrós, 2nB1 MMJCCA

            Sometimeswe buy things that we don’t need. We also have things that we don’t use like some clothes, toys… We think that people need to buy things that are necessary for our lives.

            We consider is important combine different aspects because when we talk about economy of a country we think is only money but there is also more problems  

            The rich countries do things that affect the environment, do things like traveling, buying things that people don’t really need. Some people think that the solution is reduce all things. Our opinion is that we only need basic things, only the necessary , and there are alternatives like traveling by train and not by plane and just buying things that we really need.