We want to stay on Earth and make it a better place to live

After a quite calm discussion in which a speaker of each of the six groups defended his or her opinion, the assembly voted for either staying on the Earth or leave to Lunus, the result has been the following:

13 to leave the Earth, 17 to stay on the Earth.
According to the different reasons expressed for leaving or staying on the Earth, there are two that most people agree with, even some of Koldo’s supporters:

a) Leaving the Earth to go to Lunus would mean that only very few people could do it. They could start a kind of colony in Lunus but, if they haven’t really changed their view about the importance of caring for the others, for sharing our money, paying the necessary taxes to have better social services, education and health, probably in a second generation, the same mistakes will be repeated. It could be said that if just 300 were able to leave without fighting here for a better society, then probably they would not establish one wherever they go.

b) The problem is not the place, Earth or Lunus, but the people ourselves, so no matter where we go if we don’t change our perception of the world and we don’t really care about the others, we will not work or fight to change the living conditions in our society.