Just started

Hi guys! We are a class of 3rd ESO, in Vedruna Vall, Terrassa ( Barcelona).  In our class we are 31 students ( 16 boys and 15 girls). We are doing a joint project in Social Science and English class. As you know this project’s about gender equality and our objective is to learn more about the current situation and to try to improve the sexist conduct.

During the first week, we’ve been watching some videos about this project. The first one was Billy Elliot’s trailer. The film itself talks about a boy, Billy, whose father forces him to practice boxing. After some time practising it, he realises that he hates it and at the same time he discovers that what he really likes is ballet. When he explains his passion to his family, his father (who is sexist) forbids him from practising it.

We’ve been talking about it and we think that this is a clear example of sexism and that everybody should be free to choose what they want to become. This story talks about boxing and ballet, but we can find these situations in lots of other cases of our daily life.

The second video was a speech by Emma Watson, who  is famous for having acted in the Harry Potter films as Hermione, and who’s currently the UN feminism ambassadress. In her speech she talked about desiquality situations that she had to live during her earlier years.